As we continue to social distance due to COVID-19, Americans are looking to tune out some of the chaos outside, and tune in to more shows while inside. In fact, a recent study showed that the average person is now streaming eight hours of content per day and binge-watching three shows in a week.

For healthcare fanatics, below are five must-see shows that will certainly quench your thirst for distraction while leaving you inspired.  


Based on the New York Times’ column, Diagnosis, Dr. Lisa Sanders uses crowdsourcing to collect input from her audience on what they believe to be the underlying source for undiagnosed patients. Each episode walks through the patients’ lives, which are riddled with inaccurate diagnoses and severe symptoms.

Something’s Killing Me

Acclaimed actor, BD Wong, hosts the CNN documentary series, which examines puzzling diseases and symptoms that result in near-death struggles. Through interviews and reenactments, each episode tells stories of how doctors, scientists and, in some cases, federal investigators race against time to discover what is killing a patient.

Unnatural Selection

This TV documentary series walks through genetic engineering and particularly, the DNA-editing technology of CRISPR. Stories are told from advanced researchers, scientists, corporations and biohackers working from their home. From glow-in-the-dark dogs to potential cures, you’ll certainly leave in awe of what is possible. 

The Mind Explained

Narrated by renowned actress, Emma Stone, the series pulls in experts and real-life stories to explain all things that happen in the mind. Each episode addresses burning questions around why our minds react the way they do to everything from memory, dreaming, anxiety disorders and more.

The Road to a Vaccine

This new eight-episode educational video series is available on Johnson & Johnson’s social media pages and takes the viewer on the road of the latest efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The series breaks down the complex process of developing a vaccine with leading scientists, researchers and healthcare workers on the front lines. The series is hosted by journalist, Lisa Ling, each Tuesday at 12 p.m. ET.

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