ICYMI: Antenna’s Guide to Cleantech PR for Novices

How exactly is public relations (PR) useful to cleantech companies? When should companies invest in professional PR support? Isn’t PR just calling reporters and badgering them into covering your company?

These are common questions we at Antenna Group hear from new clients and other cleantech firms (for the record, the short answers are, respectively: in many different ways, it depends and no), so we decided to answer them in the form of an informational webinar. On June 28, Antenna Group VP Jake Rozmaryn and I led a webinar hosted by CleanTechnica, “The Why and How of PR for Cleantech Companies.” The session offered in-depth answers to the above questions, grounded in three case studies on how Antenna Group clients leveraged different forms of PR to achieve their business goals.

 If you or a cleantech company you know is considering PR, this is the resource you need—at the end of the one-hour webinar you’ll have a clear idea of if (and if so, when) PR activities are a good investment.

We invite you to learn more here.  We hope they paint a clear picture of the basics of cleantech PR and get you thinking about your next PR push. If the info in the webinar sparks any questions or if you’d like to schedule an initial consult on your specific business and PR needs, please send us a note and we’ll get right back to you.




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