On December 1 in New York City, CleanTechIQ will bring together industry experts for its Urban Mobility & IIoT Forum: New Models for Deployment in Smart Cities. Panelists will outline the factors compelling cities to embrace cleantech infrastructure, and provide real-world examples. From D.C. to Boston to Pittsburgh and beyond, an increasing number of cities are investing in the space.

In order to enable smart mobility and other smart city attributes such as electric vehicles and intelligent parking, cities must track existing use patterns and gather data. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is making it easier for city officials to collect this kind of information. Here at Antenna Group, we’re working with clients at the forefront of cleantech, mobility, IoT and other sectors supporting these efforts. Corporate innovations and strategic partnerships are making cities more resilient while building new business opportunities – a win-win scenario.

To round out the panel sessions, CleanTechIQ will select five innovative startups working across IIoT, urban mobility and other areas of innovation to deliver short presentations to investors and corporate partners. This means that beyond sharing insights, attendees will have the opportunity to truly shape the future of how our cities are built and function. Register today to join our team at this timely and important event!

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