CellMax Life worked with Antenna Group to bring awareness to their new detection method in order to drive impact for colorectal cancer prevention.


  • CellMax Life develops blood tests that enable the early detection of cancer and pre-cancer
  • We raised the visibility of their revolutionary platform, which detects circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the blood


  • We pitched top-tier health reporters under embargo with new data that CellMax Life was releasing at ASCO
  • We developed messaging to differentiate CellMax Life and enable it to stand out in a market that is crowded with larger players
  • We coordinated with ASCO to ensure successful delivery and aligned expectations, further strengthening CellMax’s relationship with this highly important organization


  • Reached an audience of over 2.6 billion people with the first announcement with over 60 media placements in outlets including Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, New York Times, TIME, WebMD, Medpage and GenomeWeb.
  • While the company is private, the coverage around the announcement led to significant buzz among investors and analysts about how CellMax’s test may revolutionize the industry.


CellMax Life is a company dedicated to colorectal cancer prevention and developed the first blood test for colon cancer screening and prevention.

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