With accessibility at the core of Envoy’s mission, Antenna Group’s PR campaign highlights that all-electric vehicles should be in reach.


Ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber and car-sharing platforms like Zipcar, Getaround, Gig, and car2go have had time to enlist countless users while dominating mobility headlines. While media attention was scattered across the mobility spectrum, Antenna Group was tasked with establishing a new usage of mobility – all-electric vehicles as an amenity for apartment complexes, hotels and offices. Antenna Group promoted Envoy’s mission to ingrain mobility into the built environment, targeting B2B and B2C audiences, and emphasizing the company’s commitment to dedicate at least 50% of its vehicles to low income communities.


  • Planned and executed a cadence of announcements/PR campaigns that featured Envoy’s key partners, investments and deployments, showcasing the abundance of interest in the new concept and drawing attention to live or planned deployments that further validated the company.
  • Ensured the message of inclusive, equal-access mobility innovations was emphasized in all media and marketing conversations/materials, highlighting Envoy’s mission in all outbound communications.
  • Assisted Envoy with ongoing newsletter content development, design and distribution to keep key stakeholders engaged and consistently showcase the company’s forward momentum.


  • Antenna Group executed two vital partnership announcements with Electrify America, the $2 billion dollar zero-emission vehicle adoption fund, resulting in more than 73M audience impressions through articles secured across top-tier, regional and trade publications. Antenna Group ensured the story emphasized Envoy’s leading role in the partnership and its focus on serving disadvantaged communities.
  • Antenna Group also launched PR campaigns highlighting “Envoy Momentum” that recapped additional deployments and partners across the country, increasing Envoy’s visibility to prospects through real-estate focused outlets as well as other transportation/smart city trades.
  • Envoy’s increased stature in the mobility space allowed Antenna Group to secure mention of the company in trend stories from big dailies like the New York Times, and prominent industry publications like Curbed.


QuantumScape is a leader in the development of next generation solid-state lithium-metal batteries for use in electric vehicles.

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