The concrete industry is responsible for nearly 8% of annual global carbon emissions and 9% of annual industrial water usage, however, its impact has been largely underrepresented in climate tech coverage. Awareness – of concrete’s impact and of available alternatives – is the first step towards lowering the industry’s emissions.


Prometheus Materials enlisted Antenna to raise awareness of the issues affecting the traditional concrete industry, while also positioning the company as the ideal solution to attract investors and potential customers. Additionally, the company was on the cusp of announcing its Series A and wanted to make its name and mission known in the media.


Antenna began tackling the challenge of building brand awareness by developing a robust messaging framework to clearly communicate Prometheus Materials’ strengths and leadership position in the green construction space. This strategy put a heavy emphasis on clearly defining their product, underscoring their differentiators from competitors, and tailoring soundbites for specific audiences.

This was followed by a highly targeted pitch campaign around their Series A announcement and, eventually, other company milestones. Antenna simultaneously positioned Prometheus Materials’ CEO as a global leader in sustainability and green building materials by offering his perspective on relevant legislation to the media, by developing thought leadership commentary. Antenna also developed and executed an organic social media strategy as a complementary vehicle for building awareness.

Finally, to ensure that all these efforts converted into the maximum possible returns for Prometheus Materials, Antenna provided CRM management and lead generation support, including list management, lead scoring, sales sequence set-up, and ongoing training. 


Within the first 6 months, our partnership with Prometheus Materials resulted in 128M+ media impressions, 50+ articles placed in publications like Fortune, TIME, Axios, The Denver Post, Global Cement, Construction Dive and more. Additionally, over the course of the campaign, Prometheus Materials’ share of voice increased ninefold, from 1% to 9%.

“I walked up to a table of attendees and everyone at the table knew about Prometheus. One person said ‘you are the algae guy.’ The press coverage is most definitely getting the word out!” 

~  Loren Burnett, President & CEO

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