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With the market for nuclear fusion set to grow exponentially over the next couple of decades, estimated to be nearly $430B in 2030 and ballooning to over $840B in 2040, the world was beginning to take note of the leading companies in the field. Helion wanted to position itself as an industry leader for mainstream news audiences.


On the verge of important scientific breakthroughs with a path to commercialization, but with few media mentions and a 1% share of voice in the fusion field, Helion tapped Antenna for its PR and media relations expertise to elevate Helion’s profile as a true market leader in fusion.


Antenna first developed a robust messaging framework for interviews, speaking engagements, Helion’s corporate website, and social media content. Then, the team got creative to support the company’s rebranding efforts, conceiving the tagline “First to Fusion” as a nod to the company’s work building the first fusion power plant. Finally, they launched a concerted pitch campaign to build awareness around Helion’s $2.2B Series E funding round, new facility groundbreaking in Everett, WA and significant scientific achievements including reaching 100M degrees Celsius.


The campaign to elevate Helion’s profile garnered over 150 media placements across top-tier, trade and local outlets, including The New York Times, Financial Times, WSJ, Fortune, The Washington Post, TIME, Bloomberg, Science, and more, reaching 1B+ media impressions and building buzz around its funding and innovation breakthroughs.

Within just 7 months, Helion became one of the most frequently referenced fusion energy companies in the world – increasing their share of voice from 1% to 37% – and establishing their credibility as a leader in fusion.

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