INmune Bio utilized Antenna Group’s thought leadership and creative expertise to reach target audiences and drive impact for the fight against cancer.


  • With most immunotherapies targeting only the adaptive immune system, immunotherapy can only go so far. Inmune Bio is developing treatments to enlist the innate immune system into the battle as well.


  • Antenna Group positioned INmune Bio spokespeople as thought leaders on specific topics including chronic inflammation, tumor-agnostic therapies, adaptive/innate immune systems, myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC), natural killer (NK) cells, and more.
  • Whether through op-eds and contributed articles or interviews for larger stories, Antenna Group tapped into trending topics to have INmune Bio spokespeople lead conversations in the media.
  • Also created visuals including infographics on trending topics and secured placement for them in multiples publications.


  • Reached over 1.4 billion media impressions within six months.
  • Secured placements reaching both mainstream and professional audiences.


INmune Bio is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company focused on harnessing the patient’s immune system to treat cancer through the power of the innate immune system.

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