By showcasing “petrolithium” in MGX’s PR strategy, Antenna Group helped them attract oil & gas investors and create a unique brand.  


A mining company that developed a technology to extract lithium from oil and gas wastewater sought to publicize this new lithium source while attracting oil and gas investors. 


  • Positioned the company as a necessary bridge between old (fossil fuels) and new (renewables) energy technologies. 
  • Two-tiered media outreach strategy with distinct messaging for oil/gas trade and business/cleantech media. 
  • Integrated the term “petrolithium” into oil and cleantech industry conversations. 


  • Earned coverage in top-tier business and trade media, including a Reuters article that garnered 94 million media impressions for MGX. 
  • Secured speaking opportunities at O&G conferences to establish MGX as authority on oilfield wastewater treatment. 
  • Revamped website which now draws 1,000 visitors per week. 
  • Established “petrolithium” as an emerging technology known in industry circles through creation of diverse range of content (though pieces, Wikipedia page, social media posts and infographic). 
MGX Minerals Inc


MGX Minerals is a developer of lithium, magnesium and silicon projects using innovative processes to supply the new energy economy.

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