The Age of Adoption has arrived. This age is characterized by the transition from an era of climate tech research and innovation – an “Age of Innovation” – to the world today in which companies representing every economic sector are furiously adopting those solutions – the “Age of Adoption”. 

Download the eBook, Driving Nature-Based Climate Solutions in the Age of Adoption, part of the Age of Adoption content series, which examines nature-based solutions that can help address climate change, from regenerative agriculture to urban green spaces, reforestation and more.

Author: Sally Kidd, Director of Public Affairs

From the White House and Capitol Hill to the campaign trail, Sally has over 20 years of experience as a television reporter, most recently as Senior National Correspondent in Hearst Television’s Washington News Bureau. Sally led Hearst’s award-winning station group coverage of national political party conventions & presidential elections, interviewing government officials from sitting and former presidents to members of Congress.

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