Power business impact by supplementing earned media with paid media

Integrated digital marketing and traditional media relations have long been effective approaches or tactics for companies and brands, but there are noteworthy benefits to supplementing these efforts with paid media initiatives. 

Earned media is any media activity related to a company or brand that is generated by entities such as a journalists or media (and typically executed through traditional public relations). When these “organic” earned media opportunities are in short supply, however, brands can (and should) opt to leverage a paid media initiative to ensure  their messaging is placed in front of important audiences. 

Fortunately, there is no shortage of opportunities for companies to raise awareness for their brands and drive business performance through paid media. In many ways, these opportunities have only increased over the years as a result of economic demands in the news publishing sector and smart markets are capitalizing on the opportunity.

Through native advertising and sponsored content – two of the most common forms of paid media – brands can position their content (thought leadership content developed by Antenna Group, for example) on high-traffic news outlets and myriad digital distribution points and do so with maximum impact – without jeopardizing their existing, traditional earned media efforts. 

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