Email Remains An Effective Channel for Driving Response, Revenue & Engagement

While online advertising, social media, and search engine optimization garner most of the attention among those interested in raising awareness and nurturing prospects in the digital landscape, email remains one of the most effective mediums for powering impact. 

Utilized for decades as a way to broadcast brand messaging to audiences, the manner in which email is used has evolved dramatically since its inception and, at least among savvy marketers, has become a key channel for nurturing sales prospects, distributing critical information with existing clients and partners quickly, and fostering engagement among the most loyal advocates of a brand. 

Email continues to be effective for a variety of reasons including the low cost of distribution, the high degree of control and customization possible, and the granular reporting available. Perhaps most important, however, is that email provides a unique opportunity for brands to proactively engage with users throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Antenna Group’s email marketing offerings  are unique among competing agencies in that they leverage not only our robust creative and design capabilities and strategic guidance, but also powerful automation systems to not only deliver messages to the audiences that matter at the right time but do so in a way that drives business performance.

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