Antenna Group Public Affairs leverages its top-shelf political acumen, extensive networks and policy literacy to ensure clients’ policy positions and recommendations are not only heard, but co-opted by the right policymakers.

Policy advocacy is about results. Ultimately, organizations need to change policy, be it legislative or regulatory, and be it at the federal, state or local level. Whether that change is the implementation of news rules and incentives or the removal of outdated ones, organizations must see results.

But policy change isn’t easy. Organizations must overcome obstacles from opposition to indifference; from ignorance to entrenched special interests; and the sheer inertia of the policy process.

The Antenna Group Public Affairs team, with Antenna Group’s arsenal of award-winning talent and resources at its disposal, equips client partners with unmatched capacity to appraise the obstacles in their path, develop and articulate achievable and durable solutions, fortify them with agile stakeholder alliances and elevate their recommendations to the powers that be in a manner that delivers policy change.

When you work with Antenna Group Public Affairs, policymakers will hear your message.

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Andy Beck
Andy Beck Executive Vice President

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