Preparing Strategy for Times of Need

When brand equity and revenues hang in the balance, companies must have a communication strategy in place to address organizational crisis.

From fake reviews to more serious reputation management issues or catastrophic events, Antenna Group delivers the guidance and execution required to change the narrative around your brand, position it for immediate recovery, and establish a foundation for optimizing communication management in the future to avoid serious long-term problems.

Antenna Group’s dedicated crisis communication team helps your organization thoroughly assess the situations, test various response scenarios, manage the communication cycle, execute and accurately measure the impact.

Crisis communication is a necessary component of any successful marketing and public relations initiative. Antenna Group’s objective is to help you protect your brand, demonstrate command of the communication situation, ensure accurate representation, and reduce negative exposure.

In addition to strategic guidance on managing crisis in advance, our team is standing by day and night to provide the support needed in today’s fast paced, reactive business environment.

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Jake Rozmaryn
Jake Rozmaryn Chief Growth Officer

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