Corporate and Personal Reputation Management that mitigates negative search and media results and accentuates positive messages

Strategic Online Reputation Management (ORM) programs improve the accuracy of the available public information, reduce the impact of negative search and media results, increase positive web citations, improve online sentiment and reinforce an authoritative public voice.

Antenna’s reputation management program is unique in its breadth. Our team of messaging and digital marketing specialists employ a five-step process that includes:

  1. Thorough assessment of an organization’s public profile
  2. Rigorous elimination practices
  3. Dynamic messaging and creative media production
  4. Promotion of positive messaging
  5. Ongoing reputation management and vigilant monitoring and reporting.

In today’s fast paced and increasingly competitive business environment a single negative review can have long-lasting implications for brands. The Antenna Group team is dedicated to helping you and your team restore your brand reputation with its reputation management campaigns.

Jake Rozmaryn
Jake Rozmaryn Chief Growth Officer

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