One of the nice things about hosting a podcast is the opportunity to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. On today’s episode of Raising Your Antenna Group, I was able to do both. I’ve known Adam Bergman for 15 years as we go back to the halcyon days of the solar revolution and have stayed in touch as renewables have waxed and waned as well as reinvented itself in an effort to stay relevant, attract investment and most importantly continue its quest to mitigate climate change and effect systemic transformation of the way we use and consume natural resources. As the Managing Director of EcoTech Capital, Adam has transitioned into AgTech and FoodTech and he shares with us his thoughts on a host of related topics. My new friend is Andrew Rose who is the Executive Director of Innovation, Strategy and Business Development at MidAtlantic Farm Credit, an organization that finances loans for farms, homes, equipment and buildings, land, construction and improvement, as well as loans for production and operating. On today’s episode of RYA, Andrew and Adam touch on topics as diverse as Faux Shrimp in Singapore, food waste and landfills, cyber Agtech, Burger King and ESG.
Tune in as we discuss:
  • How AgTech fits into the sustainability and cleantech industry
  • The most exciting blue oceans, white spaces, and opportunities in the agricultural industry
  • The biggest bottlenecks in the AgTech industry
  • Why the food side of AgTech is consequential for sustainability
  • Comparing the solar industry with AgTech
  • Defining the respective responsibilities of the public sector, private sector, and nonprofits as the AgTech industry grows.
  • And more…
Learn more about EcoTech here and MidAtlantic Farm Credit here

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