Today’s guest is, unfortunately, an endangered species, or at least the political equivalent of one! She is truly bipartisan, measured and nuanced in her opinions, and is full of the type of conviction that is balanced with intellectual humility. My guest today on Raising Your Antenna is Heather Reams, Executive Director of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. In that role, Heather is spearheading National Clean Energy Week 2020, a weeklong event that urges Americans of all walks of life to consider the impact that clean energy has in their communities, and to help advance a future powered by clean energy technologies.

Heather and I had a fascinating conversation that touched on the respective roles of the public sector, both federal and state, as well as the private sector in advancing a clean energy future. We agreed on a lot, disagreed on some, but the tenor of the conversation and one that I hope can be mimicked by our political leaders, was characterized by mutual respect, data-driven arguments, and an understanding that while reasonable people can disagree on how to get there, the goalposts must be climate change mitigation.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • Clean energy policies
  • The role of media in the clean energy industry
  • Perspectives on the respective roles of the federal and state government in fighting climate change
  • The optimal way that the public and private sectors can best partner for climate change mitigation
  • Facilitating¬†bipartisanship solutions
  • National Clean Energy Week 2020
  • …and more

National Clean Energy Week 2020 will be held on Sept 21 Р25. Learn more and register here:

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