Examining the Power of Weather Data

Welcome to another episode of Raising Your Antenna, your source for in-depth insight from leaders in emerging technology. We are excited to have Rei Goffer, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of ClimaCell, a Massachusetts-based weather forecasting company that repurposes wireless communication networks as weather sensors. The company was founded in 2015 by a team from the Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management.

ClimaCell is on a mission to map all of the weather data in the world. They’re building the ultimate weather engine by pioneering the use of new weather sensing technologies and combining them with the best existing sources of data. ClimaCell’s microweather™ platform can help governments and businesses across various industries, including mobility, energy, agriculture, insurance and more, make better decisions and solve critical problems.

Tune in as we talk about…

  • Rei’s background from the Israeli Air Force to co-founding ClimaCell
  • The idea behind building the ultimate weather engine 
  • How precise data information can help businesses make better decisions
  • The mission of ClimaCell to provide microweather™ with global coverage
  • How ClimaCell gets precise predictions compared to other weather companies

…and more!

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