Ecomotion Raising Your Antenna Group

How does a country with the population and size that is slightly larger than the state of New Jersey create an ecosystem that has successfully emerged as a hub for smart mobility innovation?

On this episode, we chat with Orlie Dahan, Executive Director of Ecomotion, a week long event in Tel Aviv that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, OEM c-suite, investors and public sectors officials that are all moving the smart mobility industry forward. EcoMotion is a JV of the Israel Innovation Institute (private NGO) together with the Government, the Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Initiative (under the PMO) and the Ministry of Economy. Orlie’s insights into the nature of Israel’s smart mobility ecosystem as well as the drivers of its growth is worth a listen.

Tune in as we talk about:

  • How Ecomotion is different from other industry conferences
  • The recent trend of OEMs moving to Israel and how it’s impacting the Israel mobility ecosystem
  • The role of the public sector in Israel in building the mobility ecosystem
  • New innovations in mobility including optimization, demand balancing, AI, machine learning, simulation and connected services.
  • …and more

Learn more about Ecomotion and register for Ecomotion Week 2019 here.

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