This episode of Raising Your Antenna features Jordan Feldstein, Product Co-Chief / Tech Lead at BlocPower, to discuss the path forward to upgrading all 125MM American homes and 5MM fossil fuel-burning buildings to make them more cost-effective, healthier, smarter, and greener. This transition is not only combating the climate crisis but creating inclusive new job opportunities and saving money for property owners and tenants. 

BlocPower is leading the charge to replace and retrofit dated and dangerous heating and cooling systems with electric heat pumps in residential and commercial buildings. Fast Company recognized BlocPower for its transformational technology, naming it the 4th Most Innovative Company in the World in 2022. 

While technological innovations to lower greenhouse gas emissions in real estate are here – what lies ahead is the challenge of mass adoption. Most regulation around the environmental impact of the built environment is focused on new construction. While important, the built environment is the 4th largest emitter of greenhouse gasses not because of new builds, but mostly because of the inefficient and unhealthy older buildings. 

Jordan and Keith discuss why addressing this part of the problem is crucial to combat the worst effects of climate change: 

  • Why heat pumps are an important part of the equation to reducing emissions in buildings
  • How the Inflation Reduction will play a key role in electrifying older buildings and what programs are available to fund the transition
  • How to electrify old construction to meet the current moment, and in doing so improve health, increase building value, and lower costs for owners and tenants
  • How environmental justice and equity will be pivotal to the transition, and how BlocPower  is integrating them into its business

Learn more about how BlocPower is building opportunity in high-gun violence neighborhoods by preparing 1,000 talented individuals for a career in climate technology with its Civilian Climate Corps and partnership with NYC. For additional information on these programs, you can read about their recently expanded engagement with the City of New York and Year One Impact Report on the Civilian Climate Corps.

Excited about the possibilities in climate since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act? Learn more about what lies ahead in the Age of Adoption in Greenbiz.

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