When we think about sustainable finance, we tend to focus on the capital needs for renewable energy products, green bonds, and carbon trading and credits. While these are all key components of sustainable finance, they do not begin to tell the full sustainable finance story. 

On today’s episode, I speak with Nicole Andersen, Managing Partner of Redsand Ventures. Every organization thinks they are unique, but Redsand, at least from where I sit, really is unique. Redsand specializes in innovation strategy, investment and venture creation for companies that are pushing the boundaries of sustainable finance. 

I’m pretty sure that most of my listeners with a background in sustainable finance will be amazed at the innovation and disruption that is poised to upend the industry as well as provide it with the scale it needs to fund the estimated $60 trillion in debt investment that is needed to effect meaningful change across the industry. Nicole’s background cuts a wide swathe across the sustainability ecosystem and today’s conversation reflects her smarts and innovative mind.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • How Nicole sits at the crossroads of financial services, sustainability and climate change
  • Who the pioneers in the financial innovation space are when it comes to climate change and sustainability
  • The economic upside of this innovation
  • The comparison between climate change and if the pandemic will serve as a wake-up call to take the threat of climate change more seriously
  • And more…
Learn more about Redsand Ventures on their website: https://redsandventures.io/
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