Today’s guest is someone who has been a sustainability thought leader from multiple vantage points – as a journalist, NGO board member and advocate, climate change summit delegate and sustainable finance investor. Sasja Beslik, in his role as Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance at J. Safra, has a powerful pulpit in which to motivate and mobilize his industry to unleash the power of its capital to mitigate carbon emissions and climate change.

On today’s episode, Sasja, with both candor and transparency, points out the peculiarity of how the Paris Climate Conference overlooked the impact of the financial services industry on climate change, addresses how corporations must close the gap between the values they profess and the behaviors that they employ and gives examples of companies that are doing it right and those that are not; and as a special treat for me, engaged me in a conversation about marketing as it related to the profound impact investment decisions have on the environment and carbon mitigation. 
Tune in as we discuss:
  • The role of sustainable finance 
  • What Sasja hears from European government and business leaders about the US as a partner in climate change mitigation
  • Sasja’s guidance on ESG investments
  • The importance of understanding what sustainable finance is, its objectives, and why it is so critical to climate change
  • The comparison between climate change and the lack of preparedness around COVID-19 
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