This episode of Raising Your Antenna was recorded live in Salt Lake City at the Solar Power International podcast center.  On this episode, we are lucky to have one of the visionaries of the distributed energy movement, Dan Nordloh.  Dan is General Manager of DCentrIQ, a newly formed division of Faith Technologies. DCentrIQ is providing distributed energy technology and capabilities for a sustainable future through innovative distributed energy resource systems and Internet of Energy (IoE) control platforms.

Dan shares his expertise with us about the DER revolution, both the opportunities and challenges, how it will force utilities to change their business model, and how battery technology is the next frontier in widespread DER adoption.
Tune in as we discuss:
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
  • Why Faith Technologies is entering the DER market
  • DER and macro trends, challenges to economics, scaling and wider spread adoption.
  • Microgrid and battery technology
  • Distributed energy and utilities
  • …and more
Learn more about DCentrIQ on their website here.
Special thanks to Jim Spano and RadiantREIT for sponsoring the SPI podcast center.
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