State Senator Chris Lee

“The Future of Climate Legislation & Innovation” is the first episode in a 6-part series, The Inflation Reduction Act in the Age of Climate Tech Adoption, released in light of the Inflation Reduction Act and its impact on climate tech innovation, emerging technologies, and a just transition. 

I was honored to have Hawai’i State Senator Chris Lee as my first guest on the series. Senator Lee is a globally-recognized leader on climate policy, grid modernization and environmental justice. He is the author of first-of-its-kind legislation to establish the nation’s first 100% renewable energy mandate and to promote economy-wide neutrality by 2045. Additionally, Senator Lee is a fierce advocate for removing market barriers for the entrance of new energy technologies. He will play a significant role in Hawai’i’s continued environmental leadership in light of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Join the discussion with Hawai’i State Senator Chris Lee where we’ll cover:

  • How he became a global climate ‘powerhouse’
  • Lessons learned from his experience tackling decarbonization at megascale
  • How legislative bodies can inspire the transformation of utilities
  • The impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on disadvantaged communities on the frontlines of climate change 

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