Antenna Group 2022 in Review


What a year we had in 2022, 

Certainly too many client wins to put in one review.

But we’ll try to name at least a few…


Journalists put a much-needed focus on EV affordability

As it’s crucial to driving adoption alongside battery availability.

Axios covered how roads can be used to charge EVs while driving

Canary wrote about 5 startups solving battery recycling

And Wired named EV charging as the next billion-dollar market. 


Next up we made moves on net zero targets with key inventions,

With California pumping the breaks on gas-powered engines. 

The airlines raced to see who could lower their footprint most, 

And new technologies decreased and tracked emissions coast to coast. 


Opportunity for new talent in climate hit all-time highs,

And a San Francisco ferry tried hydrogen energy out for size. 

Warehouses and buildings made an effort to integrate renewable energy, 

with Commercial Observer deeming it a “must-have” amenity


USA Today raised the alarm about how compromises in the IRA could impact communities facing the worst pollution

And WSJ said the IRA will boost investment in green-energy solutions.

With COVID, research for depression became even more essential, 

And Medical News Today shared cancer research showing great potential. 


Cutting-edge tech continues to amaze,

TIME gave Twelve and Epic Cleantec well-deserved praise.

Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal highlighted next-generation fertilizers as they caught the attention of investors,

While legacy steel and cement were challenged by greener successors.


Our CEO Keith Zakheim says it best, 

The “Age of Adoption” is where we’re headed next. 

So 2022, we bid you adieu, 

And 2023, we’re coming for you.

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