Antenna Group brought visibility to Karius’ disease-detecting methods in order to broaden their reach and provide answers to people fighting infectious diseases.


  • Karius developed a blood test for the rapid detection of infectious diseases, enabling doctors quicker and greater visibility on any pathogens that are present and allowing them to determine the best treatment plan.


  • Antenna Group pitched reporters around various company announcements, as well as industry trend stories.
  • We positioned Karius spokespeople as experts in the field, as they offered their insights on various infectious disease topics when speaking to reporters.


  • Garnered over 60 million media impressions, securing stories related to various infectious disease items in the news, as well as company data.


Karius can accurately identify 1,000+ pathogens from a single blood draw to help clinicians rapidly diagnose infectious diseases and spare patients unnecessary testing, antibiotic overuse, or invasive biopsies, with next day results.

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