Generate More Value from Your Leads with Marketing Automation

Convert leads, streamline efforts, and personalize communication.

Antenna Group’s marketing automation specialists build custom campaigns based on your business’s needs and goals. We specialize in both the tactics and strategy of structuring marketing automation to support lead generation and nurturing and to improve conversion rates.

We leverage our unrivaled domain expertise to develop nurturing campaigns customized to your target market. Our marketing automation triggers steps based on a contact’s specific criteria and how they interact with your website to send them the right content at the right time. Develop leads through the funnel with targeted touch points, and convert leads into customers. Increase engagement and nurture your relationship with your current customers to keep them coming back for more!

Nurture relationships, improve conversion rates, automate tasks, and gain advanced insights into your marketing and sales funnels.  We’ll help you track your contacts’ actions and behavior, giving you a clear view of analytics to monitor performance and track ROI.

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