Advancing Climate Justice in the Industrial Sector

Decarbonizing the industrial sector is the next frontier in climate action, but for Dimensional Energy’s Co-Founder & CEO, Jason Salfi, the work doesn’t stop there. Dimensional Energy is instilling climate justice principles throughout their business, beginning by pairing sustainable, carbon neutral fuel development with binding community engagement processes. Their work to foster equitable relationships between technologists and the public could make the difference between solving the climate crisis or not. 

Join us as we explore Dimensional Energy’s transformative fuel technology for one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions (aviation) as we discuss:

  • A future of carbon neutral fuel production that leverages renewable energy, carbon capture and green hydrogen technologies.  
  • Why energy communities are central to the sustainable deployment of climate technologies and infrastructure.
  • How fast-moving start-ups can slow down for climate justice without compromising innovation, market opportunities and business growth. 
  • The driving factors that have incited the Age of Adoption, i.e. honest media coverage, younger decision-makers, etc., and why they spur optimism for the future. 

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