Jon Bonnano

Executive leadership in today’s highly-complex innovation economy requires more than the traditional investment in IP, market transformation, and engineers. According to this week’s Age of Adoption (formerly Raising Your Antenna) special guest, the most competitive, resilient startups depend on emotional awareness that begins at the C-Level. This is particularly true in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse in March 2023, where bank executives made a series of risky decisions with little oversight, leading to the frantic withdrawal of over $40 billion from depositors and culminating in the bank’s failure.

Join us, alongside Jon Bonanno, Managing Partner at Strategic Operating Partners, as we dive into what individuals, investors and the world’s most innovative companies must do to capitalize on the momentum of the Age of Adoption and lead the new age: 

  • How corporate leaders can leverage emotional intelligence to distinguish themselves and drive business success in the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank crisis and the continued uncertainty following its failure
  • The opportunity and responsibility that corporate leaders have to support the decarbonization of developing nations to fight climate change in an increasingly globalized world 
  • The key trends that forecast the future direction of the climate tech market and lessons learned from previous transformations in the sector

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