Today’s podcast is an exciting one as we’re lucky to have Talia Rafaeli, Investment Director at Porsche Ventures as our guest. Talia has built an incredibly successful career as a Venture Capitalist at a couple of Israel’s most successful VC firms such as Gemini and Stage One. In the past year, Tali made the decision to move to the corporate VC world and specifically into the mobility industry. 

As one of the world’s preeminent luxury car manufacturers, Porsche is no different in that it is playing catch up to Tesla, Waymo and others, but it has quickly jumped into the deep end of the pool with both innovations as well as acquisitions. Talia, as Porsche’s Investment Director who is spearheading much of that innovation through acquisition strategy, will share her thoughts on a number of the issues impacting both the industry at large and Porsche in particular.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • What brought Talia into the mobility industry and her corporate VC role
  • The media’s hype and skepticism of the clean transportation and mobility industries
  • Where the government should partner with the private sector and the roles & responsibilities of other stakeholders in the industry
  • The AV passenger experience
  • Trends of mobility as a service
  • …and more!
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