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On this episode of Raising Your Antenna, we are lucky enough to feature ZenCity and its CEO Eyal Feder-Levy. ZenCity perfectly fits the model of a company that uses data, as captured through “social listening” and other publicly available platforms, to enhance our everyday lives. As Eyal will explain, ZenCity’s algorithms capture anonymous conversations and feedback and transform it into actionable items for elected officials and municipal bureaucrats who can then respond and govern accordingly. To take one of the innumerable examples, a city official may decide to change the garbage pickup from Tuesday to Wednesday. The driver of the decision may be cost or some other consideration but either way, the municipal department in charge of waste is eager to understand the impact and consequences of the change. Until ZenCity, there was no real real-time feedback mechanism to analyze the success or failure of the program. Today, municipalities that have signed up with ZenCity (as of this taping there were already 50 clients) can get this feedback and act on it in an efficient and expeditious manner.

Eyal will discuss this, as well as provide some advice, and motivation, for early-stage companies that are hoping to sell their products and services to the public sector.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • Government tech and small cities
  • How ZenCity’s AI-driven platform helps local governments translate what people want in their cities more effectively and eliminates the guesswork from policymaking
  • What it means to “track sentiments” across different channels
  • ZenCity’s explosive growth and client success stories
  • What the future of technology, politics and governance may look like
  • …and more!

Learn more about ZenCity on their website.

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