On this episode, we are fortunate to have Raj Pannu as our guest. Raj is a deep thinker who, in his current position as Co-Founder of Smart Cities NY, has a platform from which he can bring together the key stakeholders who are in a position to impact the future of our cities through technological, economic and social innovation. Raj is non-ideological in his approach to helping to shape the future of our cities. He is open to all ideas and welcoming to people from all political persuasion and his conference embodies that ethos.

Smart Cities NY is North America’s leading global conference for innovators and decision-makers who are improving life in the cities of tomorrow. The conference convenes innovators and decision-makers who are improving life in the cities of tomorrow including: city leaders, CEOs, and startups. Raj and his team take a holistic look at the innovations in technology and infrastructure that are making cities more livable, equitable, and sustainable.

Tune in as we talk about:

  • Raj’s career path from McCann Health to founding and running Smart Cities New York.
  • How influencers from the private sector, NGOs, community based non-profits and government can work together towards a salvific urban quality of life
  • How technology can help cities build social capital and alleviate or solve economical, medical and education related issues
  • The economics and finances around building smart cities
  • Smart Cities themes in Bruce Katz’s The New Localism and Raghuram Rajan’s The Third Pillar
  • …and more
Don’t miss Smart Cities NY on May 13 – May 15! Learn more and register at https://smartcitiesny.com/


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