BreezoMeter came to Antenna Group to set themselves apart from competitors, create partnerships worldwide, and ultimately improve health through smarter access to air quality data.


  • BreezoMeter sought to garner media attention for its air quality data and analytics software to win more customers and strategic partnerships.


  • Antenna Group worked with BreezoMeter to develop messaging that set them apart from competitors in the space by focusing on real-time, localized air quality data rather than generic information.
  • Made the most of partnerships with Dyson, Cisco, Motorola and other high-level companies to clearly define differentiators with leading media and seize visibility in larger publications.


  • Antenna Group reached over 100M people in the first three months of engagement.
  • Successfully raised BreezoMeter’s U.S. profile, driving a boost in awareness and partnership interest around the world.
  • Managed a crisis to keep BreezoMeter and partner out of PR jail.


BreezoMeter offers real-rime, location-based air pollution & pollen data aimed to increase product value, make devices smarter, enhance customer engagement, and improve health and well-being.

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