Our Vision

We are the storytellers for organizations innovating and adopting sustainable business practices and solutions.

Our Values

Antenna Group’s values are embodied in one word


CREATE speaks to our worldview, corporate ethos and core values. It is the foundation upon which we have built a dynamic, inclusive and fulfilling workplace.


We prioritize teaching and showing to help others without judgment or blame. At Antenna Group, we value open-mindedness, recognize the potential of unlikely sources for solutions, and believe healthy friction and team brainstorming lead to creativity and progress, while there are no stupid questions.


We believe in doing well by doing good. Our client partners are responsible innovators who are solving important global challenges. We support equality, diversity, and the environment. We make standing for something worth something.


We hustle and get our hands dirty when needed, and see problems as puzzles to be solved with a passion for finding solutions. We're self-starters and motivators, leaving no stone unturned to bring the process to a resolution. We're prepared to take ownership of finding a path forward since no one will do it for us.


We stand behind our promises, especially when it’s hard. We are comfortable in our own skin and don't try to be something to everyone. We look out for our customers and put their needs above our own. We only recommend and sell what we genuinely believe will bring value.


Be candid. Tell the truth. Own mistakes. Be transparent with pricing and policies. Our mantra is to communicate and communicate some more. Simplify. Proactively address issues early and often. Transparency is not just a value, it is the key to unlocking the full potential of a client relationship.


We maintain a growth mindset as lifelong learners, continuously seeking self-improvement in life and work through open-mindedness and learning from others. While confident in our work, we remain intellectually humble and constantly search for the best practices, models, and tools. We incorporate life-hack, work-hack, and productivity-hacking as part of our daily experiences.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

We're always looking for people who can CREATE