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Raising Your Antenna Episode 35

The Net Zero Backlash Has Arrived

In this episode, we host Joel Makower, Chairman and Co-Founder of GreenBiz Group. Joel is privy to the discussions, debates, policies and business outcomes that are driving our clean energy economy.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 34

Mobility is Sexy

In this episode, Keith chats with Benjamin Birnbaum, partner at Keyframe and co-founder of TeraWatt Infrastructure. Ben is consumed with the energy transition technologies that we don’t see, but are critical to fighting global warming and climate change. 

Raising Your Antenna Episode 33

The Importance of Utility-Consumer Partnerships

In this episode, we host Rudy Garza and Rick Luna, Chief Customer Engagement Officer and Director of Technology & Product Innovation at CPS Energy, respectively. Rudy and Rick are two utility executives who are clearly thinking deeply about the future of utilities and customer-centric programming.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 32

Creating Energy Tech Unicorns with Launchpad’s Siobhan Clarke

Today’s guest is Siobhan Clarke, Operating Partner of Launchpad — a bp scaling engine accelerating the growth of digitally-led businesses that re-imagine energy. As Operating Partner, Siobhan is helping bp reinvent its company and lead from the front on building a clean energy future.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 31

AgTech Innovation & Investing with Adam Bergman and Andrew Rose

On today's episode, Adam Bergman, Managing Director of EcoTech Capital, and Andrew Rose, Executive Director of Innovation, Strategy and Business Development at MidAtlantic Farm Credit, touch on topics as diverse as Faux Shrimp, food waste and landfills, cyber Agtech, Burger King and ESG.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 30

Harnessing Urban Innovation to Drive Social Impact

In this episode, Chante Harris and I address a topic that is all too often overlooked and misunderstood. The issue is public and private investment in infrastructure and innovation that may not yield short term impact and profits but are key to the future of our cities and quality of life.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 29

A political breath of fresh air: A conversation about bipartisan cooperation and Climate Change

Today's guest is, unfortunately, an endangered species, or at least the political equivalent of one! She is truly bipartisan, measured and nuanced in her opinions, and is full of the type of conviction that is balanced with intellectual humility.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 28

Pushing the Boundaries of Sustainable Finance

When we think about sustainable finance, we tend to focus on the capital needs for renewable energy products, green bonds, and carbon trading and credits. While these are all key components of sustainable finance, they do not begin to tell the full sustainable finance story.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 27

The Power and Influence of Sustainable Finance in Mitigating Climate Change

Today's guest is someone who has been a sustainability thought leader from multiple vantage points - as a journalist, NGO board member and advocate, climate change summit delegate and sustainable finance investor. Sasja Beslik, in his role as Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance at J. S