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Age of Adoption Episode 51

Leading with the “Why” of Sustainability with the Climate Change Committee’s Sophie Vipond

In this Age of Adoption Podcast, Sophie Vipond, Head of Communications and Engagement with the Climate Change Committee, joins Keith Zakheim to discuss the transformative power of collective action and shared responsibility in navigating the complexities of climate action.

Age of Adoption Episode 50

Accelerating the Energy Transition with ABB’s Brian Nelson

In this episode of the Age of Adoption Podcast we sit down with Brian Nelson, Renewables Segment Leader at ABB, to learn more about how the organization is playing a crucial role in the energy transition.

Age of Adoption Episode 49

A Sustainable Approach to Transforming Global Health with Northwell Health’s Dr. Eric Cioè-Peña

In this episode of the Age of Adoption podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Eric Cioè-Peña, MD, MPH, an emergency physician and the vice president and founder of the Center for Global Health at Northwell Health.

Age of Adoption Episode 48

Advancing Sustainable & Equitable Healthcare with Atlantic Health System

Nikki Sumpter, Chief Administrative Officer of Atlantic Health System, joins us to discuss the health system's efforts to address health equity and sustainability in the Age of Adoption.

Advancing Climate Justice in the Industrial Sector
Age of Adoption Episode 47

Advancing Climate Justice in the Industrial Sector

Decarbonizing the industrial sector is the next frontier in climate action, but for Dimensional Energy’s Co-Founder & CEO, Jason Salfi, the work doesn’t stop there. Dimensional Energy is instilling climate justice principles throughout their business.

Jon Bonnano
Age of Adoption Episode 46

Clean Economy Leadership in the SVB Aftermath

In the first episode of our rebranded podcast, Age of Adoption, we welcome Jon Bonnano to discuss what individuals, investors and the world’s most innovative companies must do to capitalize on the momentum of the Age of Adoption and lead the new age.

Age of Adoption Episode 45

Addressing Net Zero in the Existing Building Stock

This week we are privileged to have two exceptional guests on Raising Your Antenna’s Special Inflation Reduction Act 8-Part Series, Mahesh Ramanujam and Sarah Merricks. They discuss how Global Network for Zero (GNFZ) is redefining net-zero strategy and green building certifications to optimize corpo

Age of Adoption 44

Large-Scale City Electrification in the Age of Adoption

This episode of Raising Your Antenna features Jordan Feldstein, Product Co-Chief / Tech Lead at BlocPower, to discuss the path forward to upgrading all 125MM American homes and 5MM fossil fuel-burning buildings to make them more cost-effective, healthier, smarter, and greener.

Secretary David Kim on Raising Your Antenna
Age of Adoption Episode 43

Federal to Local: Unlocking Sustainable Transportation Investments

Former Secretary David Kim joins this episode of Raising Your Antenna to discuss the ways in which industry can help unlock billions of dollars in local transportation investments.