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Using AI to transform road infrastructure with Mark DeSantis
Raising Your Antenna Episode 14

Using AI to transform road infrastructure with Mark DeSantis

On this episode, we're lucky to have Mark DeSantis, CEO of RoadBotics, an exciting startup housed in Carnegie Mellon’s acclaimed AV lab, that promises to address our country’s road infrastructure problem.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 13

From Scaling Companies to Protecting Founders, Advice from Doug Mandell, Silicon Valley GC and Consigliere

We’re excited to have Doug Mandell as our guest on this episode of Raising Your Antenna. Doug is a Silicon Valley insider, Founder and Managing Partner of the Mandell Law Group.

Shaping the Future of City Mobility with Noam Maital
Raising Your Antenna Episode 12

Shaping the Future of City Mobility with Noam Maital

On this episode, we are excited to have Noam Maital, CEO of Waycare, an AI-driven mobility solution that partners with cities and other public entities to get them ready for the onslaught of autonomous vehicles that will become ubiquitous on our city streets anywhere from the next 5 to 20 years.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 11

Bringing Blockchain to the Mainstream with Topper Bowers

Blockchain is one of the business buzzwords that has become ubiquitous in conversation but not fully understood by the many who use it. While blockchain may have been developed with cryptocurrency in mind, today its promises are far greater.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 10

Democratizing Real Estate Data with Sam Viskovich

In this episode of Raising Your Antenna, we examine data democratization in the commercial real estate industry with Sam Viskovich, Director of Marketing at Reonomy.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 09

Clean Energy Investing with CEVF’s Daniel Goldman

We are excited to have Daniel Goldman, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Clean Energy Venture Fund. Tune in as we talk about Daniel's professional background and how he transitioned from working in the oil and gas industry to the clean energy sector

The Future of Mobility
Raising Your Antenna Episode 08

The Future of Mobility with InMotion Ventures’ James Nettleton

We are excited to have InMotion Ventures principal James Nettleton, our first international guest! Backed by Jaguar Land Rover, InMotion Ventures creates and invests in mobility, transportation and travel companies bringing innovative approaches to getting from A to B.

Examining the Power of Weather Data
Raising Your Antenna Episode 07

Examining the Power of Weather Data with Rei Goffer, ClimaCell

We are excited to have Rei Goffer, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of ClimaCell, a Massachusetts-based weather forecasting company that repurposes wireless communication networks as weather sensors.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 06

Exploring the Cell-Based Meat Industry with Alex Shirazi, Cultured Meat Symposium

We are excited to have Alex Shirazi, organizer of Cultured Meat Symposium, a conference held in San Francisco highlighting top industry insights of the cell-based meat revolution.