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Raising Your Antenna Episode 25

Innovation through investment with Talia Rafaeli of Porsche Ventures

Today’s podcast is an exciting one as we’re lucky to have Talia Rafaeli, Investment Director at Porsche Ventures as our guest. Talia has built an incredibly successful career as a Venture Capitalist at a couple of Israel’s most successful VC firms such as Gemini and Stage One. In the past year, Tali

Raising Your Antenna Episode 24

How Connected Car Data is Revolutionizing the Mobility Space

Today on Raising Your Antenna, we are joined by two individuals who are at the forefront of the data and mobility space and leading the charge to make Big Data both responsible and valuable to the people that it is serving.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 23

The Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Revolution

This episode of Raising Your Antenna was recorded live in Salt Lake City at the Solar Power International podcast center. On this episode, we are lucky to have one of the visionaries of the distributed energy movement, Dan Nordloh.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 22

When AgTech Innovation Meets Urban Life

Today on RYA, we host Henry Gordon-Smith the Founder and Managing Director of Agritecture Consulting. Henry has a lot to say about the current AgTech scene, both the business and moral imperative driving the industry and where we are, as a society, both making strides and falling short.

raising your antenna zencity
Raising Your Antenna Episode 21

Reinventing the Way Cities Make Decisions with Eyal Feder-Levy

On this episode of Raising Your Antenna, we are lucky enough to feature ZenCity and its CEO Eyal Feder-Levy. ZenCity perfectly fits the model of a company that uses data, as captured through “social listening” and other publicly available platforms, to enhance our everyday lives.

retail energy
Raising Your Antenna Episode 20

Demystifying the Retail Energy Market with Jack Doueck and Larry Leikin

Joining us to demystify the retail energy markets and address the challenges and opportunities in today’s retail energy market are Jack Doueck and Larry Leiken, co-founders of the Energy Marketing Conferences.

climate change
Raising Your Antenna Episode 19

Accelerating the Clean Economy with VERGE’s Shana Rappaport

On today’s episode of Raising Your Antenna, we are going to address the threat of climate change but from a non-binary, non-zero sum game and a non-linear perspective. Guiding us on this journey is Shana Rappaport, Vice President and Executive Director of VERGE at GreenBiz Group.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 18

Managing the New Urban Transportation Environment with Scott Shepard

On this episode, we speak with Scott Shepard, Chief Commercial Officer of Free2Move, a Berlin-based company that has developed a solution to managing the puzzle that is the new urban transportation environment.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 17

Improving Quality of Life in the Cities of Tomorrow with Smart Cities’ Raj Pannu

On this episode, we are fortunate to have Raj Pannu as our guest. Raj is a deep thinker who, in his current position as Co-Founder of Smart Cities NY, has a platform from which he can bring together the key stakeholders who are in a position to impact the future of our cities.