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Raising Your Antenna 44

Large-Scale City Electrification in the Age of Adoption

This episode of Raising Your Antenna features Jordan Feldstein, Product Co-Chief / Tech Lead at BlocPower, to discuss the path forward to upgrading all 125MM American homes and 5MM fossil fuel-burning buildings to make them more cost-effective, healthier, smarter, and greener.

Secretary David Kim on Raising Your Antenna
Raising Your Antenna Episode 42

Federal to Local: Unlocking Sustainable Transportation Investments

Former Secretary David Kim joins this episode of Raising Your Antenna to discuss the ways in which industry can help unlock billions of dollars in local transportation investments.

Jess Melanson
Raising Your Antenna Episode 42

Deploying Transformative Grid Edge Technologies for Net-Zero

Join Keith and Jess Melanson as they dive into the needed acceleration of grid edge technologies in light of landmark federal investments, including the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Raising Your Antenna Resource Innovations
Raising Your Antenna Episode 41

Shaping the Future of Equitable Transportation

This week on Raising Your Antenna, we welcome Mayor of Truckee, CA Courtney Henderson, alongside her colleague Kelly Helfrich of Resource Innovations to discuss the rollout of electric vehicles at scale and the transformative market technologies needed to get there.

Chairman Chatterjee
Raising Your Antenna Episode 40

Reimagining Regulations for the U.S. Energy System

On this episode of Raising Your Antenna, we are thrilled to welcome Chairman Neil Chatterjee onto the show for an insightful discussion around energy and climate policy in light of the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Raising Your Antenna
Raising Your Antenna Episode 39

A New Era of Public-Private Partnerships under the IRA

On this episode of Raising Your Antenna, our host, Keith Zakheim and guest, Miguel Gamiño, Jr. will discuss the role public-private partnerships play in making communities more sustainable and equitable in light of the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

State Senator Chris Lee
Raising Your Antenna Episode 38

The Future of Climate Legislation & Innovation

Hawai'i State Senator Chris Lee kicks off our 6-part series—The Inflation Reduction Act in the Age of Climate Tech Adoption—to discuss the future of climate legislation, tech innovation, and the role of utilities in the Age of Adoption.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 37

Fostering Curiosity in the Workplace

In this episode, we host Rich Kenny of SAS to discuss why curiosity is increasingly sought by employers to address some of the biggest challenges facing organizations today.

Raising Your Antenna Episode 36

Health Equity Issues are Environmental Issues

In this episode of Raising Your Antenna, we host Chris Kline, Natalie Egnot and Seth Yoskowitz of Cardno to discuss how the company is working with its clients to address all three ESG categories.