Antenna Group Prospect Lead Generation

Building Sales Funnel Demand Through Strategic Targeting & Outreach

Our prospect lead generation activities are informed by a deep understanding of our clients’ target markets and leverage a combination of research and cutting edge marketing and sales technologies. The goal is to identify, target, generate and nurture qualified leads and drive those prospects down the sales funnel. Our activities will be designed to get you the right sales meetings with the right prospective customers.

Bespoke Messaging

Research, competitive analysis and domain expertise is at the heart of developing the perfect pitch to resonate with your prospects, speak to their pain points and inspire them to act.

Audience Segmentation & Buyer Persona Research

Our team will dissect your target prospects by vertical markets and regions. From there, we’ll further refine the messaging for each key audience stakeholder within the organization to figure out what makes each one tick.

Target Prospect List Building

Antenna’s market research team will build custom prospect lists based on our predetermined criteria and collect key information such as name, title, email address, LinkedIn profiles, location, market segmentation, etc.

Personalization & Testing

We will develop compelling, differentiated and authentic personalized messaging points in our outreach to pique the interest of the person we’re trying to reach. These messages and personalizations will be A/B tested on an ongoing basis to improve conversions.

Outreach Execution & Analysis

Antenna Group will deploy a combination of organic and paid social, email and digital targeting to get your message in front of the right decision makers. We will analyze the outreach performance to optimize the ongoing campaign tactics.

Meeting Scheduling & Coordination

The outreach takes us to the exciting step of scheduling qualified sales appointments. We will manage the meeting coordination process using a handy calendar scheduling tool and ensure a seamless handoff to your sales team.

Nurture Mode

Lastly, not all leads or meetings will lead to an immediate action. We can’t control your prospects’ timeline. That’s why we provide ongoing lead nurturing activities to keep prospects engaged and your business top of mind for when they are ready to become a customer.