Elevate Innovative And Responsible Public Policy Solutions

Reach Policymakers Through Trusted Sources, Identify Achievable Policy Solutions And Build Coalitions to Achieve Policy Objectives. Let’s Effect Change Together

Policy Positioning

State and Federal have never been as important to a company’s brand — or bottom line — as they are today. Making a persuasive case for an innovative policy solution that reaches policymakers’ ears can be vital to a company’s growth. The Antenna Public Affairs team brings a wealth of experience in helping companies, non-profit organizations and individuals distill and communicate their nuanced positions on critical matters at the federal, state and local levels. Our team understands the messages that will resonate with policymakers and gets those messages into sources policymakers know and trust.

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Coalition Building & Leadership

Whether it’s international disputes, presidential campaigns, state legislative issues or community affairs, the Antenna Public Affairs team has extensive experience with building and leading diverse and vocal coalitions around critical policy positions at the global, national, state and local levels. Antenna Public Affairs possesses the political acumen, policy expertise, influencer networks and strategic communications skills that organizations need to convert relevant stakeholders from would-be bystanders into sympathetic and deliberate allies.

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Policymaker Engagement

Constructively engaging with the policymakers and influencers who can adopt and implement a policy solution requires a steady hand and a trusted guide. The Antenna Public Affairs team understands who policymakers listen to and what they are trying to achieve. We work with organizations to help them align their policy solutions with what policymakers want and need. We then work with influencers, media or policymakers themselves to ensure a proposed policy solution becomes part of the policy discussion and, ultimately, established policy.

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