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Media & Analyst Relations

For decades, Antenna Group has been a trusted resource for delivering compelling stories and domain expertise to reporters, industry analysts and other media influencers. Our media relations campaigns have driven successful brand business outcomes for clients across each of our practice areas.

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Thought Leadership

A well-planned thought leadership strategy is critical to the success of companies in pursuit of brand awareness and revenue. Discover how Antenna Group helps your company build trust with business prospects and media professionals.

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Crisis Communication

Antenna Group’s dedicated crisis communication team helps your organization thoroughly assess and anticipate potential vulnerabilities, craft a rapid response strategy, manage the news cycle and skillfully handle its aftermath.

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Issue Advocacy

Experienced at managing sensitive legislative, regulatory, and community issues, Antenna Group partners with its clients to harness grassroots networks, disseminate educational materials, vigilantly counter mis- and disinformation campaigns and effect real time communications to overcome opponents.

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Employee Communication

A company’s employees are its greatest asset. Antenna Group’s expertise in creating and deploying a range of content and creative services to internally evangelize your brand values helps with talent acquisition and retention.

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Reputation Management

In today’s fast paced and increasingly competitive business environment a single negative review can have long-lasting implications for brands. The Antenna Group teams is vigilant about flagging reputational vulnerabilities and helping to solving them.

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Message Development

Successful companies recognize the importance of clear and compelling messaging. Antenna Group leverages its decades of experience and a range of services to deliver a compelling and differentiated narrative that drives successful business outcomes.



Public Relations Campaigns

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