Age of Adoption

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Although I am unsure of the exact year, I remember attending a renewable energy conference in the mid-2000s. It had the feel of a millennialist religious movement, complete with prophecies of a messianic world. It wasn’t the promise of wolves and lambs living in harmony that spellbound the attendees, but a prophetic vision of solar energy inheriting the grid. The prophetic speakers at the conference weren’t religious figures, but entrepreneurs, activists and policymakers heralding a future free of carbon emissions and a cooling planet.

Like most religious devotees, we were both believers and skeptics. Sure, it all sounded great, but the odds were against a future where the cost per kilowatt-hour of solar fell below $1, and where solar energy could realize grid parity. Yet only 15 to 20 years later, many prophecies that washed over the conference materialized. We have arrived at a new age in climate history, and it is not a moment too soon.

At Antenna Group, we have come to call this new age “The Age of Adoption.”

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