The Age of Adoption is characterized by the transition from an era of climate tech research and innovation – an “Age of Innovation” – to the world today in which companies, and government departments, representing every economic sector are furiously adopting those solutions.

The U.S. Department of Defense has long been innovating to protect us from not just adversaries but also the impact weather and climate have on its assets and allies. Learn how historical efforts to manage savage seas paved the way for modern projects that protect military assets, build energy resilience and reduce environmental impact. Download the e-book, Defense in the Age of Adoption, to explore how the U.S. military applies a longstanding mindset of strength and resilience to climate solutions to continue to do what it does best: defend our nation. 

Neal Urwitz, Vice President, Public Affairs

In the Age of Adoption, every company has a climate story; let Antenna Group’s experts define and amplify yours.

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