Continuing Momentum Under Uncertainty

COVID-19 has impacted businesses in a number of ways. As a public relations and marketing partner and informal advisor to countless B2B companies seeking counsel during this difficult period, we have been asked to provide ideas and strategies to help businesses sensitively and cost-effectively navigate––or better yet, avoid––disruption.

Building brand awareness and cultivating sales funnels can’t come to a grinding halt; but grabbing the time and attention of clients and prospects today is harder than ever. That’s where marketing must rise to the occasion. 

Download the e-book for public relations and marketing strategies that can be doubly effective for continuing momentum in the current, turbulent climate. Topics include:

  • Considerations and parameters for meaningful and effective communications with clients and prospects.
  • How to develop timely, thoughtful and helpful content that will be warmly received and appreciated.
  • Digital marketing tactics for engaging with target audiences from your home office.
  • When and how to thoughtfully pitch your company to the press, while navigating the COVID-19 news landscape.

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