Policy Change Starts With Making a Case

Antenna Group Public Affairs works with client partners to understand their proposed policy solution and make it resonate with policymakers and the influencers they listen to. Then we help our partners make that case in front of the people who need to hear it. Finally, we build networks of allies to make the case for policy solutions. We help change policy and change minds.

Companies and Organizations Must Articulate Policy Positions Clearly and Persuasively if They Are to Change Policy

The Antenna Group Public Affairs team has deep experience with and expertise in helping our clients craft their positions into compelling messages that resonate with target audiences. Clear messages, after all, can appeal to policymakers, investors, customers, employees, and other critical stakeholders.

With over 50 years’ combined experience navigating the policy process, the Antenna Group Public Affairs team also recognizes that the messenger matters. Sometimes a company is its own best spokesperson; often, it isn’t. We help our clients find the best messenger for a policy solution and make sure that agent speaks to the influencers and media outlets that key policymakers listen to, be it national media, hometown newspapers, think tanks, or advocacy organizations.

Further, the Antenna Group Public Affairs team understands coalition building. Different policymakers are responsible to different constituents and stakeholders. Operating in concert with other constituencies who support a policy solution is critical. We help build and orchestrate these coalitions.

Finally, the policy process isn’t fixed. Laws change and regulations shift. Momentum builds behind major fixes and minor adjustments. The Antenna Group Public Affairs team helps clients stay agile on top of these shifting landscapes.

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