climate change

Complex problems demand complex solutions. While we would all love to have the silver bullet to solve a marital crisis, business challenges, Middle East peace or climate change, the reality is that the solutions to these types of problems are usually multifarious but related and attack the problem from different directions. On today’s episode of Raising Your Antenna, we are going to address the threat of climate change but from a non-binary, non-zero sum game and a non-linear perspective. 

Guiding us on this journey is Shana Rappaport, Vice President and Executive Director of VERGE at GreenBiz Group. For those of you who are not familiar, VERGE is the leading platform for accelerating the clean economy, convening the world’s largest companies, public sector leaders, utilities and technology innovators to foster a diverse ecosystem of influencers advancing solutions at the intersection of technology and sustainability. Shana has been evangelizing on behalf of the clean economy for more than a decade and has been spearheading VERGE’s efforts to reverse climate change since 2013. 

Tune in as we discuss:

  • The carbontech industry
  • How the media covers and portrays climate change
  • Carbon capture as a complement of carbon mitigation
  • Circularity as both a sustainability framework and business strategy
  • Circularity and sustainability trends such as Recommerce, BluePlanet, and The Closed Loop Partnership
  • VERGE’s leadership role in spearheading a genuine circular economy
  • …And more

VERGE 19 will be held October 22 – 24 at the Oakland Convention Center. Register here before July 26th to take advantage of VERGE’s discounted summer rate!


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