In this episode of the Age of Adoption Podcast we sit down with Brian Nelson, Renewables Segment Leader at ABB, to learn more about how the organization is playing a crucial role in the energy transition.

The Mission to Zero:
ABB has fully embraced the challenge of achieving net-zero targets with a goal to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030. The company’s Mission to Zero initiative aims to significantly reduce emissions from its global facilities by implementing solar, energy storage, and smart switchgear solutions. By adopting digitalization, ABB seeks to optimize electricity utilization and make informed decisions for a more sustainable future.

The Evolution of the Customer Mindset:
While selling sustainable energy solutions initially required extensive education and advocacy efforts, Brian noted that today’s customers are increasingly interested in the environmental impact of the products they purchase. ABB recognizes this shift and has developed an environmental product declaration for every piece of equipment it manufactures, enhancing transparency about CO2 impact and recyclability.

The Age of Adoption is an exciting era in which businesses across industries must embrace climate and sustainability solutions. ABB, through its ambitious goals and initiatives, is driving this transformation forward.

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