Welcome to the third episode of Raising Your Antenna, your source for in-depth insight from leaders in emerging technology. We are excited to have Michael Granoff, founder and managing director of Maniv Mobility. Aside from several startup boards, Michael serves on the board of Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), a Washington, DC-based policy and advocacy organization he helped establish in 2004. 

Michael has been involved in three US Presidential campaigns and he received Brandeis University’s Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship in 2010. 

Tune is as we talk about…

  • Michael’s background in the mobility space
  • How he became interested with transportation energy
  • The autonomous vehicle industry
  • How Michael has become deeply involved with car autonomy
  • Financing, engineering, and macroeconomics of the auto industry
  • Investing in mobility startups
  • Disruption and mobility
  • The consumer’s view of full-autonomy and more!

Learn more about Michael Granoff at Maniv Mobility.

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