Having Joel Makower appear on your podcast is, in the clean tech world, akin to Oprah landing Harry and Meghan. Like Harry and Meghan, Joel is a celebrity in our world, everyone wants to hear what he has to say and he provides salacious details about the royal family. Okay, maybe not the royal stuff. But the rest is true. As the founder and Chairman of GreenBiz — a media and events company that lives, works and leads at the intersection of the business, technology and sustainability — Joel is privy to the discussions, debates, policies and business outcomes that are driving our clean energy economy. 

Today on RYA, Joel and I explore how the business community is attacking climate change, how the investment community really sees ESG as an opportunity for both good and profit, the strength of commitment towards a net-zero future, and of particular interest to me, the failure of corporate America to properly market their sustainability wins.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • Joel’s career journey
  • The threats posted to the business community by extreme weather events
  • The global “net-zero” goal for 2050, and how seriously companies are taking it
  • “Credible greening” and the ESG scorecards of the future
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