Solar Survival Kits Serve Communities in Need

There has been an alarming number of natural disasters – from hurricanes to fires to earthquakes — around the world in recent months, and the headlines can feel paralyzing. What is the best way to help? There are countless individuals and organizations working to support the people affected by these disasters, and Clean Energy Relief is just one example we’re highlighting today. Founded by solar industry leaders, Clean Energy Relief is a non-profit with the mission to ease suffering of those in devastated and impoverished areas around the world through affordable “solar survival kits”.

The organization is currently focused on providing resources to the 3.5 million people in Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricane Maria, approximately 85 percent of whom are still without power one month after the storm. Hospitals need to ration energy provided by diesel-powered backup generators, and are subsequently limited in the care they can provide. From dialysis to medical refrigeration, lack of power means many people cannot access life-saving resources.

While hospitals and other critical services are in desperate need of power, individuals are also lacking access to basic needs. Solar survival kits are essentially a mini-power grid for homes, delivering light, power, wifi, water and refrigeration via a single solar panel, simple rechargeable battery and other tools with a simple instruction manual.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the headlines and looking for ways to help, consider donating to the Clean Energy Relief fund page. Share the link with your social media community and tag #SOLARSURVIVAL to spread the word. Your donation will provide hope to families in need.

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