Powering Impact Through Creative, Compelling, and Informative Marketing & Sales Collateral

When your company needs to make an impact with its audience of prospects, customers, partners or investors, sales and marketing collateral can be your greatest asset. 

Companies develop sales and marketing collateral to move their audience through the purchase funnel, explain complex topics, and spread awareness for their brand in general.  

There are myriad type of assets that can be used as sales and marketing materials, from whitepapers and case studies, to more formal buyers guides, infographics, and even traditional PowerPoint slides and presentations. 

Whether you are looking to freshen up existing sales collateral like brochures, repurpose outdated ebook content into a new format or simply expand on sales and marketing collateral, Antenna Group’s team of strategists, designers and copywriters are highly skilled at accurately expressing a brand’s core message and providing value in whatever form these assets may take. 

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