Using AI to transform road infrastructure with Mark DeSantis

On this episode, we’re lucky to have Mark DeSantis, CEO of RoadBotics, an exciting startup housed in Carnegie Mellon’s acclaimed AV lab, that promises to address our country’s road infrastructure problem, thereby paving the way for a future of economic bounty, mobility transformation and logistical nirvana. RoadBotics uses artificial intelligence and smartphones to help governments and engineering firms make data-driven decisions with objective road assessments.

Tune in as we talk about:

  • The road maintenance industry as a business
  • The state of road infrastructure
  • The road maintenance model
  • Disruption associated with rebuilding roads
  • Artificial intelligence and automating assessments 
  • Implications for the future of mobility
  • Advice for founders, entrepreneurs and investors
  • ….and more!

Learn more about Mark and RoadBotics at

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