Over the past few months, the world has been forced to adapt to a “new normal,” relying on a digitally-connected world to work, socialize and learn. While there are numerous online resources available to us, there are select webinars that have been especially insightful.

Read on for Antenna Group Health’s 5 favorite webinars worth tuning into: 

1. STAT News Webinars

STAT News, a leading healthcare news website and one of Antenna Group Health’s favorite sources, hosts webinars that feature insights on the latest trends in health, science and biotech. Topics cover everything from healthcare policy to using artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. While some webinars are free to access, others are exclusive to STAT+ members.

2. FierceHealthcare Webinars

FierceHealthcare is another favorite of Antenna Group Health when sourcing industry news. The outlet and its subsidiaries cover hospitals, tech, finance, practices and regulatory topics, and the webinars follow suit. Along with sponsored or co-hosted webinars featuring major companies in healthcare, FierceHealthcare presents its own “Virtual Series,” which taps into trending topics including coronavirus, what’s next for health payers and more. Each series is hosted by one of Fierce’s subsidiaries (FierceHealthcare, FierceBiotech, FiercePharma, etc.) and can be rewatched for free on the website.

3. Endpoints Webinars

Geared towards the life sciences industry, Endpoints Webinars break down designing and improving clinical trials, research and development for chronic disease drugs, and other biopharma topics. Endpoints is unique in that it not only hosts webinars, but the outlet works with healthcare companies to fully develop webinars on trending and important topics.

4. HealthLeaders Webinars

Often featuring insights from other professionals, these webinars are great tools for healthcare executives on hot topics specific to their industries. Topics are sponsored by credible organizations from inside and outside of healthcare; for example, there is one session on investment challenges facing healthcare organizations co-hosted by Bank of America. These webinars cover all aspects of healthcare from meeting the needs of patient populations to various trending COVID-19 discussions.

5. Johnson & Johnson “The Road to A Vaccine”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it has brought much uncertainty, especially in media headlines. To provide clarity around what it really takes to develop a vaccine, among other burning scientific questions that the world has, Johnson & Johnson created an 8-episode series that breaks down the latest pandemic efforts and features leading scientists and researchers, healthcare workers on the front lines and public health experts. While this is officially more of a show series than a webinar, it’s still one of our top picks! If you missed out on the webinar while it was live, the full series is available for free on the Johnson & Johnson website. 

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